make new friend groups. connect based on common interests. 🤜🤛

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Find new friend groups!

When my younger sister first went to college she wasn't out of her shell yet and was pretty shy. She went to a student organization event and was wearing an Akatsuki shirt (a design pattern from an anime). There was a girl at the event that saw the shirt and introduced herself. From that random connection my sister made a best friend for life. The vision is to replicate connections like that.

Groups only contain people you want to hang with

An algorithm will create groups based on people you select and who have selected you in return, along with all others selected mutually by all parties.


Your college logo will show up next to your profile image so that other alumni can easily connect with you.

Apartment Complexes

Interested in rock climbing or acroyoga? 6 other people in your new apartment complex may be as well. Group'd will help you all go together.

Study Groups

Write down BIO326R as one of your interests and you can connect with other classmates trying to find a study group for microbio.