Connect with Neighbors

OmNom provides a safe platform to give home cooks a chance to share their food. Cooks can choose to sell, trade, or donate their dishes. Trade your family's dish and experience another family's culture.

Showcase Your Specialties

See other home chef recipes and save your favorites. Build a community of food-loving friends. Choose to trade recipes or unlock for small amount.

Reduce Food Waste

In addition to sharing cuisine, OmNom is interested in reducing food waste. How? By providing a virtual farmers market for ingredients to sell or share!

Support Your Community

Countless creative and tasty dishes never make it mainstream because many home chefs don't have the economic means to open a restaurant or do not have the ability to manage the headache of owning a business, hiring staff, and keeping the lights on. Through OmNom, home chefs have a way to share these precious meals with foodies that value this unique opportunity.

Groups only contain people you want to hang with

An algorithm will create groups based on people you select and who have selected you in return, along with all others selected mutually by all parties.


Your college logo will show up next to your profile image so that other alumni can easily connect with you.

Apartment Complexes

Interested in rock climbing or acroyoga? 6 other people in your new apartment complex may be as well. Group'd will help you all go together.

Study Groups

Write down BIO326R as one of your interests and you can connect with other classmates trying to find a study group for microbio.


Sometimes you forget how far you've come. Graphs will show you your progress over time and how you've improved on your lifts.

Friendly Competition

We all get lazy at the gym, but if your friend is ranked higher than you by 5 pounds on bicep curls, it will encourage you to try it and take their place!


Walk into the gym and not sure which body part to work out? OutRanked keeps track of which body parts you've recently worked out and which ones you've been neglecting and should be doing next.


Create workouts that group together exercises as days (such as Push, Pull, Legs) to easily log all your lifts.


Have some suggestions for improvement?

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