Connecting Communities
through Food


Empowering home cooks, reducing food waste, and bringing delicious meals to your door

What is OmNom?

OmNom is a community platform for buying and sharing local food, meals, ingredients, and recipes. Anyone can sell their homemade food, share extra tomatoes from the backyard, or create recipes to share with others. In short, we seek to connect everyone through their love of food, spreading culture and community while aiming to reduce food waste!



New Cuisines

Thai? Bengali? Danish? Nigerian? OmNom celebrates cultures around the world and gives you access to cooks and foodies from various backgrounds. We bring communities together and make life more flavorful.



Your Passion for Food

Whether through cooking your favorite dish or coming up with new unique and delicious recipes, OmNom has room for you as a food-lover to express yourself and engage with others. Spread the love and connect with your community.



Food Waste

In addition to spreading love through food, one major goal of OmNom is to reduce food waste. Going on a trip and lot of leftover bananas? Have extra cereal you don't want? Post it for FREE on the app and give to someone in need.



Your Own Business

If cooking is your passion, purchasing a food truck or owning a restaurant shouldn't stand in your way. We cut out the difficult part and let you focus on what you do best - whether cooking or food blogging!


How to get started

OmNom is THE one food-lovers platform. Whether you want to buy or sell your food or find a recipe for your needs, it's all here in one place! See below how you can get involved with OmNom!

Sign Up with OmNom

Fill out our sign up form and download the app and we'll help you get up and running!

Establish your online kitchen

Obtain the proper food certifications (we'll guide you along the way), set up your profile, then begin posting your delicious meals or food

Share your food

Make a living doing what you love by sharing your food and building a community of food lovers. You can also give away food items for free to help reduce food waste.

Download the app or browse online

Do you like food? We hope the answer is yes! Get the app on the App Store or Google Play Store and begin browsing delicious food in your area or the world-wide database of user genereated recipes!

Buy a homemade meal or locally sourced food

Browse various ethnic cuisines to vegan and halal options from cooks in your area. Support local business by purchasing fresh ingredients from local farmers.

Buy, Post, or Sell Recipes

Browse our database of user generated recipes and post your own or even sell one if it's an EXTRA special recipe

Join our community today and start exploring the delicious world of homemade food and recipes.

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