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Digital Registration and Consent Forms

Screenshot of the FutureDent app Screenshot of the FutureDent app Screenshot of the FutureDent app Screenshot of the FutureDent app

Delight Your Patients!
Our software is simple and intuitive for
patients and transforms long messy paper
forms into simple clicks!
Personal information, allergies, medications,
and other relevant info is automatically
saved into a clean PDF format.
Samin Huque DDS
Founder & Developer
(832) 576-0332
Collins Wang
Founder & Developer
(970) 581-2343
Go Paperless – Accessible Anywhere!
Patients can complete their registration & consents on
their personal phones, tablet provided by the clinic, or
at home on the computer to assist in expediting clinic
flow and reduce cross-contamination.
Language Support
Currently we provide the service in English and
Spanish but can expand into other languages based
on clinic and patient needs.
Consents and Questionnaires
Common registration forms, releases, and a
current COVID questionnaire are available by
default – more can be created upon request.
Registration and consents are securely stored in
a database that you can reference or reprint any
Patient information is encrypted to ensure
sensitive health information is kept secure.
Common medications as well as pharmacy searching
is auto-filled to enable simpler and more accurate
reporting of patient information.